Weird n’ Wild Creatures

Weird n’ Wild Creatures is a blockbuster children’s series I developed while at IMP in NYC.  I conceptualized the series and guided it through NPD testing phases. I directed marketing creative through testing and product launch and wrote a majority of the DM copy, resulting in DM response rates of more than 4%. We combined archived artwork with the highest quality new illustrations to create a multi-platformed product with trading cards, games, a custom-built website, and multiple add-ons such as toys, puzzles and action figures.  As Editor and Web Development Manager, I led a team comprising three packagers, including one in India, dozens of writers, designers and illustrators, and managed a budget of more than $3.5 M. Ultimately, we turned valuable, but under-utilized content into a winning, multi-dimensional product with a cost-effective format and a .9 ROI. It continues to be one of the company’s most successful products.

Weird N' Wild Creatures

Trading Cards, Website, Games, Puzzles and a Whole Lotta Creatures!

Battle of the Monsters Trading Cards

Battle of the Monsters Trading Cards


Monsters of the Mind


Monsters of the Past

Deep-sea Dragonfish

Monsters of the Deep

2 Comments to "Weird n’ Wild Creatures"

  1. Mark Thomas says:


    I love these weird n wild creature cards the layout of them pictures very good . i have always been interested monsters cards i want to buy the box set. I am a artist i have done monster pictures a set of three different titles and i want to get them printed in card form would you be interested in having a look at my page on facebook i have a few in my photos page various monsters. Thank You

    Kind Regards
    Mark Thomas

  2. pbyrne says:

    Far out – I’ll take a look when I get a chance and help you out if I can. Thanks for the comment.

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